How does RaceID treat Data, Profiles and Terms for Participants?

Data screen illustrating data privacy

Privacy and data management have been hot topics since targeted advertising became common practice, but it really kicked off with the advent of tracking software on websites. Hence, quite rightly, privacy laws have been implemented such as GDPR in Europe. The privacy of internet users has become a question all businesses need to tackle. Likewise, as an internet user, you must decide how your data is handled and can use the options available to you thanks to these laws. 

It affects race organizers as well, since you deal with personal data from participants, whether you collect registration data by yourself or use a third-party platform for registration. 

In this article, we answer common questions related to how RaceID handles participant data to help you understand the security and privacy measures we comply with and uphold. It should also help you be able to explain and communicate this to your participants, and you can add extra information to your own privacy policy if necessary. 

What data is required when participants register through RaceID? 

In order to register for an event or become a RaceID member, the minimum information required is:

  • First and Last Name
  • Password
  • e-mail address

When someone registers for a race, gender is also required. You have the option to add any additional requirements to your registration. This data is only available to you, as the race organizer, through your RaceID Super Admin dashboard and is attached to your event. It will not be attached to any racer’s RaceID profile data.

When participants make payments through, we require additional data, including purchase information, payment information (payment card number and other card details), and contact information. This information is secured and encrypted with our established payment provider. 

Do my participants need to create a RaceID profile when they register for my event? 

No, it is not mandatory. When you set up your event, you have the option to select “No profile” or “Profile” registration. This setting is available per distance. You need to choose which type of registration appears for the entire distance (it cannot be mixed within the same distance). 

However, we always recommend that you choose Profile Registration, because it gives your participants a much better registration experience. First of all, many racers already have a RaceID profile, and when logged in, they can use the auto-fill feature and finish their registration in a few seconds and a couple of clicks. It saves them time, and also increases the conversion rate for you. Secondly, it allows racers to log back in and manage their registration, such as making edits if something was wrong, editing a team or transferring their registration to another racer. This will thus save you plenty of time on participant support and allows your racers to have control over their own registration. 

The only type of distances we recommend using No Profile Registration for is if you have kids’ races. If you need parents to register their children, it is usually easier to do this without a profile so you can bypass multiple profile creations by the parents, for example.

Is RaceID marketing or advertising towards my participants when they become members of the platform? 

In the Terms and Conditions accepted by participants upon registration and/or membership sign-up, users accept that RaceID uses their contact information to: 

  • Communicate about our services, e.g. send an e-mail confirmation of registration to sports events and to be able to reply when users contact us;
  • Be able to provide users with consistent information and to offer users our services accross all devices.
  • Submit personalized offers to users about sports events, products or services, mainly through the Community membership profile and the communication methods approved by the user. 

The information is primarily used to provide participants/users with information about their registration to your event. We reserve the right to enhance each participant’s experience by offering them inspiration to train for races, keep in shape or recommend more races for them to stay motivated. 

We never sell or distribute data to third parties. Participants should feel safe and know that their email addresses will not be spammed or misused. The communications and marketing we do at RaceID is always minimal and nuanced. We are careful to make sure that any emails or advertising always is relevant to who we communicate it to, and the aim is always for the communication to be useful and inspiring. Our mission is to inspire people to live an active lifestyle. 

Do I need my own Terms and Conditions as a Race Organizer? acts only as an agent between participants and the organizer that is responsible for the event. Any questions relating to the implementation of, or participation in, a race shall therefore be addressed directly to the responsible organizer.

As an organizer, you are entitled to set up your own conditions for participation in a race, which will then apply in addition to RaceID’s Terms and Conditions. Your own terms can then be displayed via your race page on RaceID, either directly on the page itself or through a link to your website. It is not mandatory to add your own terms and privacy conditions, but we highly recommend it. 

In RaceID’s terms, we refer to the organizer terms and conditions to imply that participants accept these together when they register. But if you want extra clear information, we suggest you also add a tick-box custom field question to your registration flow, where participants can confirm they have also read and understood your own terms as well. 

For info, the paragraph mentioned reads as follows: 

“3.2 By signing up for an Event, Member approves any terms and conditions set by the Responsible Organizer as set forth in Section 2.4 for the specific Event. A member is therefore assumed to have taken part of the Organizer’s own conditions for the event before he / she completes the registration to the event.”

How is participant data managed at RaceID? 

For a thorough explanation of how we manage participant data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. There is also a Cookie Policy for more detailed information on how website cookies are handled at and related sites for visitors. 

You can also access the Participant General Terms & Conditions here

For any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.