5 Benefits of Using a Timing App for Your Race

Photo of people running in the snow, with a woman recording times

Timing Apps are digitalized versions of manual timekeeping. They are excellent for small to middle sized races, and can actually host up to 1000 participants depending on the sport type.  

Here’s how it works: You’ve got your handy start list right in the app, and you can smoothly handle racers as they make their way to the starting line, check them in, and even mark DNS if needed. 

At RaceID, we’ve had a timing app out for race organizers for several years now. In just a few weeks, we’ll be releasing an even better one! 

Let’s explore some of the strong points for why you should consider using a timing app to time your participants. 

1.       Easy to use 

Timing apps are very beginner friendly! You don’t need extensive training or technical support when it comes to timing apps. They are straightforward and simple, both for you as a race organizer and your team of volunteers.  

2.     Accurate 

Compared to manual time keeping, timing apps provide a high degree of accuracy as there is always a backup in place. You can detect and correct any inaccuracies right away with a timing app, and therefore reduce incorrect data.  The RaceID App, for instance, comes with nifty built-in features that make it a breeze to swap times and manage unfamiliar racers, helping reduce the chance of human errors.

3.     Live results 

Race participants want to know their placement and how fast they completed the race. The good news is that with a timing app, they can get this info the minute they pass through the finish line. No need to wait for results to be updated! With RaceID, they can see their results right in the RaceID participant app. So live results are published instantly! 

4.     Environmentally friendly

E-waste is an important topic at the minute. If you think about it, your alternative – disposable RFID chips – are not the best use for a small to middle sized race that can do better with a timing app instead. If you already own smartphones and tablets, then you already have the technology you need as you only need to install a timing app on them. It’s better to use what you already have. Here are more ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a race organizer 

5.     Cost-effective 

This is one of the strongest points why you should consider a timing app instead of for example chip timing. With timing apps, you don’t need any expensive equipment, just your smartphone, so your overall costs are reduced dramatically. With timing apps, you don’t need fancy gadgets. Your trusty mobile phone is your best friend for timing, and that’s all you need.

In conclusion

Timing apps offer a cost-effective, accurate, and environmentally friendly alternative to more expensive timing chips and less accurate manual timekeeping for races. With their ease of use, error correction, and quick result availability, they provide a smooth and efficient experience for both organizers and participants, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and technical complexities. So, consider timing apps for your next running event to ensure a hassle-free experience!

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