Background and Challenge

When starting our partnership with ÖTILLÖ, we were presented with several challenges in order to help improve the organization’s efficiency, bringing more Swimrunners to each ÖTILLÖ race and handling the complexity of a large world series with business bases in three different places and races in 8 countries.

Conversion of Participants

One of the main concerns of Michael Lemmel, ÖTILLÖ Race Director, was that potential participants left the registration unfinished due to problems with payments or other technical issues, leading to a low conversion rate.

When ÖTILLÖ started using RaceID’s one-stop shop for registration, payment and automatic start lists, the sign-up process was smooth and Swimrunners could easily sign up to their next race with the help of their pre-filled RaceID profile information. Moreover, the RaceID technical support is available by email and chat for any participant. This eliminates any doubts in the moment of purchase and provides Swimrunners with help when they need it.

Connected Payment System

An important change in the set up for ÖTILLÖ when they appointed RaceID as registration partner, was the outsourcing of payments in the registration flow. With handing over the payment logistics to RaceID, it has freed up resources and time for ÖTILLÖ.

International Series and Payments

Being a worldwide series of races and handling business in several different countries, ÖTILLÖ faces a complex payment and accounting structure. Registration fees are collected in three different currencies, and shall be distributed into accounts in several different countries with varying VAT percentages.

With RaceID, ÖTILLÖ could collect registration fees in the currency of their choice and set a dedicated VAT amount for each item or race distance. Moreover, we worked together to develop a bookkeeping reporting system that allowed ÖTILLÖ to receive detailed reports on transactions as well as complete monthly summaries of sales for each region and race. We are in a constant quest to improve the platform and adapt it to the needs of our organizers and what they need to manage successful races – a project that will continue forever.

SwimrunID Autofill and Auto transfer

ÖTILLÖ World Series point collection and World Championship qualification is based on a system that requires each Swimrunner to obtain a SwimrunID ( and report it with their registration in order to get points assigned to them as a team.

SwimrunID is part of the RaceID profile and as a Swimrunner, you can save your SwimrunID in your profile. For the Merit Races on the platform (races that are selected by ÖTILLÖ as partner races, that also give points in the series), the Swimrun ID field is available and auto-filled as well.

In continuation, the Swimrun data is transferred through the API that connects RaceID start list data with the Chip timing provider of ÖTILLÖ. Later, this can be taken up in the result report from the timing after the race, and finally transferred into the points and Swimrun ranking system.

Growing the Swimrun sport together

We share ÖTILLÖ’s vision to make Swimrun bigger, and work together to achieve this by featuring the ÖTILLÖ races and using the platform to promote Swimrun and make the sport known among the Race Community though various communication channels: Swimrun newsletters, social media, podcasts and content marketing.

We are honored to collaborate side by side with ÖTILLÖ and continue the quest and create excitement about the Sport. We are building an even better Swimrun platform thanks to the feedback we get from ÖTILLÖ and use the marketing power of the RaceID community every day to take Swimrun closer to being a world sport.

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