Limitations With the RaceID Timing App

Article updated 2024-03-14.

No timing system is perfect! Some systems suit some races and events better than others and some have significant drawbacks. Outlined in this article are the problems and limitations that you might encounter when using the RaceID Timing app. It is recommended you read this article if you are interested in using the app for your race, so you can prepare and be ready to tackle any unexpected problems on race day.

Limitation 1. Battery Life

Obviously, if your device runs out of power, you will not be able to record any further results with the app. Results that you have taken with the app up until this point are saved and cached on the device and you will be able to send them to the server later once the device is back up and running. To avoid this problem, we recommend always having a backup battery or device that you can use. Remember, older devices and use during cold weather can mean that the battery drains faster than usual.

Limitation 2. Mass Participation

With mass-participation events, the number of runners crossing the line together or very close to one another causes a limitation. The app works by users visually identifying, and subsequently manually clicking through a list of number bibs. If the number of racers crossing the line is more than one every few seconds, then the error rate of the results will tend to be very high – not to mention very stressful for the user responsible for taking the results.

It is possible to have multiple people and multiple devices at the finish line to record times, but you will need to figure out a robust methodology to make sure timekeepers record correct finishers. For more info on what type of races the RaceID Timing App works for, check this article

Limitation 3. Manual Processes

As mentioned above, the manual processes required while using the app mean that human errors can creep in. We have tried to make the app as intuitive as possible, but it will still require a little getting used to. We recommend that you and your timing team take some time to read through our guide and make a test run of the race (resetting the results afterward), to get used to the methodology of the app.

Limitation 4. Internet and Data connection

The final limitation is that the app will not be able to send live results for your spectators or participants to see on the website or participant app without an internet connection (WiFi or a good mobile data connection). However, the app will work as normal and store the results on the device for upload at a later time if connection is not present. Connecting to a data source after finishing the race should automatically push the results to your RaceID connected event page.


Well, that’s it! If you can manage these problems and limitations with your race, then we recommend that you get started today. Creating an account is super easy and it takes just a few minutes to set up your race. For details of pricing of the Timing app – see this page.

Have you figured out if app timing is right for your race? If you’re still not sure, feel free to consult our review of App Timing vs Chip Timing.