How to use RaceID to Manage Your Race Business

Are you a race organizer seeking to revolutionize your events and leave a lasting impact on your participants?

Whether you’re organizing a small local race or a large-scale international event, RaceID provides a suite of powerful tools and an incredible solution that will take your races to the next level.

How to Start

Once you have created your organizer account, and we have confirmed your race, you will be able to: 

Create a Race Page

The first step is to create a captivating and informative race page. Customize it with images, text, and links to make your event stand out on the RaceID race calendar. Use the landing page to showcase the unique aspects of your race, enticing participants to sign up.

Check out this upcoming race for some inspiration

Set Up Registration

Tailor the registration process to fit your race perfectly. Offer different registration options, including individual sign-ups and team sign-ups. View and edit any registration data in the RaceID Super Admin Dashboard. 

Use Smart Registration Links

Maximize your marketing efforts by using RaceID’s smart registration links. Offer pre-set wave or coupon codes during registration to control who receives special offers and track registration conversions from specific marketing campaigns.

Add-ons and Merchandise

Boost your revenue by offering add-ons and merchandise during the registration process. Sell race clothing, merchandise and more directly through custom questions in the registration form.

Automate Participant Communication

Integrate RaceID with Zapier to automate participant communication. Send timely updates, reminders, and personalized content to engage your racers and foster a connected community.

Participant Self-Service

Empower participants to edit their registrations and transfer them to friends, reducing the need for manual intervention. Enable the “Refundable Booking” feature to give racers peace of mind while securing their spot.

Get Financial Clarity and Secure Payments

RaceID provides you with comprehensive monthly financial reports, simplifying your bookkeeping and offering full transparency on sales and payments. Participants can pay securely with international credit and debit cards, ensuring a smooth payment process.

Marketing Packages to Attract More Participants

Expand your reach and attract more participants with RaceID’s marketing packages. Reach a community of athletes actively looking for new challenges, increasing your event’s visibility and popularity.

The marketing package was an important part of giving Fiskebäcksloppet a real boost in registrations. The marketing package was also a good opportunity for us to reach out to people who may not have known about the Fiskebäcksloppet before and whom we do not reach organically through our channels.Johannes Lindh, Fiskebäcksloppet

Support for Participants

Save time on registration questions by relying on RaceID’s same-day personal support for participants. Offer email support and live chat at the moment of purchase to address any queries promptly.

Main takeaways of using RaceID

  • Cut administrative work and focus on what matters
  • Deliver a memorable digital experience & empower your marketing efforts
  • Get financial clarity and secure payments


RaceID is not just an Event Management System; it’s a catalyst for transformation in your race organizing journey. Embrace efficiency, connectivity, and creativity with our seamless platform. Step into the future of race organizing, where your participants are at the heart of everything you do. Join RaceID today and redefine the way you create professional races, leaving your participants with a sense of fulfillment and connection that will make them return year after year.