Press Release: New AI-driven training program to unlock runners’ full potential

RaceID, the leading platform for race management in the Nordics, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking AI-driven training program, RaceID Miles. This innovative tool is poised to revolutionize how runners prepare for their races, propelling them closer to realizing their full potential.

More than just a training regimen, RaceID Miles serves as a gateway for runners at all levels to achieve peak performance. Developed in collaboration with svexa, a pioneer in data analysis and machine learning, each individualized training program is continuously tailored to suit the unique needs of every runner. Optimized for individual capabilities and goals, the program dynamically adjusts to accommodate any injuries or illnesses.

“At RaceID, our vision has always been to see more people cross the finish line with a smile,” says Erik Sjöbeck, CEO of RaceID. “With the launch of RaceID Miles, this vision is now within reach. This unique AI-driven tool is designed to help every runner, regardless of skill level, achieve more, run faster, and, most importantly, run smarter.”

At the heart of RaceID Miles lies the aim to help runners reach their goals, whether it’s improving their time or performance. With RaceID Miles, each runner receives personalized recommendations tailored to their individual progress and objectives.

“RaceID Miles represents a perfect fusion of science and motivation,” adds Mikael Mattsson, CEO of svexa. “Using svexa’s Ellida algorithms, a wealth of data is leveraged to deliver personalized recommendations, ensuring that every runner receives the optimal training program to unlock their full potential.”

For more information on RaceID Miles and its launch, visit the RaceID Miles website or contact Erik Sjöbeck.

About RaceID: RaceID is a leading player in mass participation races, dedicated to getting more people moving where races are the driving motivation. Today, RaceID assists races in over 40 countries with their participants’ digital journey.

About svexa: Svexa is a pioneer in data analysis and machine learning, committed to optimizing human performance through personalized recommendations and data-driven insights. With its Ellida algorithms, svexa is revolutionizing the way athletes train and compete.