RaceID vs RaceResult – Which Registration Tool should you choose?

Are you looking for a suitable registration tool for your race? Or are you already using one and would like to know where the difference lies between the two popular systems RaceResult and RaceID? We want to help you make the right decision. Even though we offer our own registration and event management system as well as the RaceID Timing App, we want you to find the best possible solution for your race,  so you can serve your participants efficiently and save as much time as possible for yourself.

About RaceResult

RaceResult is a globally established brand in race management software, originally from Germany. RaceResult is primarily focused on race timing with RFID chips, offering both passive and active timing solutions for endurance races of all kinds. They are known for their local offerings and offer race-timing hardware for rental and purchase. RaceResult also have their own built-in registration software that connects to their timing hardware. 

About RaceID

RaceID is a platform for both race participants and race organizers, offering a complete Event Management System (EMS) for race organizers, including the RaceID Timing App. The RaceID Timing App is a smooth timing tool connected to the RaceID administrative and registration system. Start lists are automatically synchronized and updated in real-time, along with any changes you make in the management system. You can also set up split times, add timing assistants with special, individual logins, and much more. During the race, in-app view, you can choose between three screens to display the bib numbers in grid or list format plus results, depending on the number of participants you have. You can also use RaceID Registration with your local chip timing (including using RaceID the registration platform and connecting RaceID to your RaceResult timing!)

Comparison of RaceResult and RaceID

We have put together a handy overview table for you to easily see the differences between RaceID and RaceResult. Check it out below and use it to make your decision. 

Summary: Should you Choose RaceResult or RaceID?

In summary, both providers are great ways to make your race efficient and unique. The choice should be made based on the size of your race, as well as the importance of customer experience (which in turn promises participant return).

If you have a smaller and/or longer race where the field is fairly spread out, the easiest and most cost-efficient choice for you would be to use RaceID for both registration and timing (with the RaceID Timing App). For marathons or trail races, you can time up to 1000 races with the app. If you have a fast race (such as a 5K running race or a bike race), we recommend up to 300 participants. You can get more information here about which type of races fit best for the timing app. 

If you need to use chip timing (your race has several thousand participants, for example), you have two options. If you prefer to have everything in one system and platform, you should choose RaceResult as you can use the registration system and timekeeping software and hardware all together. If you don’t mind using two different tools, you could also use RaceID for registration to get a better-looking and smoother registration experience for your participants, and then connect the RaceID data with RaceResult through a smooth API automatic connection and use your RaceResult chip timing on race day! 

In order to visualise the both registration systems we have some screenshots for you:




We hope this helps you make a decision! In case you are curious about RaceID, feel free to get more info or create a free test account right here.