The Power of AI: Training for Races Just Got Better

Happy New Year Race Organizers!

As a race organizer, you want to be at the forefront of technology. For many years now, GPS watches have been a remarkably useful training tool for participants. Now, things are getting even better. As we step into this new era of AI and the possibilities that come with that, the question we want to ask you is: Are you ready to embrace the future of what AI can offer your participants?

RaceID has always aimed to get more people through the finish line. Now that we are very soon launching RaceID Miles, that goal is within reach. In the intersection of technology and athleticism, RaceID Miles, an extraordinary AI-powered digital tool, is set to revolutionize the running landscape. It’s not just a training program. It’s a stride towards empowering individuals to break their own barriers. To achieve unprecedented feats.

An example of an AI training program

RaceID Miles is the brainchild of RaceID and Svexa. Two industry leaders united by a shared commitment to harness the power of data analytics and machine learning. This groundbreaking digital training program is not just advanced but entirely personalized. This means it is placing individual progress and achievement at the forefront.

The core motivation behind the creation of RaceID Miles is simple. To assist the running community in achieving more, running faster, and running smarter. Breaking personal records by shaving off minutes from race times. Whether it’s a beginner shaving 10 minutes in a 10k running race or an impressive improvement of a few minutes for a pro in a marathon. This ambitious goal is not just a dream. It is an achievable reality. RaceID Miles is the catalyst that propels individuals towards this pursuit of excellence.

RaceID Miles represents a fusion of science and motivation. Svexa’s Ellida algorithms synthesize a wealth of data to deliver individualized recommendations. It takes historic data to build your Digital Twin. Then, it creates the optimal plans for you, that are then adjusted on a daily basis. You can set your goal date and commitment level, and the plans adapt to your life and progression. It’s not just about running a race. It’s about unlocking human potential through science, data optimization, and practical solutions.

As race organizers, why should you be excited?

Imagine offering your participants the tool that will help them excel in your race. Imagine offering them an entire journey towards their best selves. RaceID Miles doesn’t just enhance performance. It cultivates a community of empowered and motivated runners. The future of racing is here, and it’s fueled by AI – are you ready to lead the way?

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Wishing you an exhilarating and transformative year ahead!