When you decide that RaceID is for you, what’s next? This page lays out the process ahead and what steps you can expect to take next. 

How to Sign Up and Open Registrations - 4 Easy Steps

1. Create an Organizer Account

First, you need to create an organizer account to get access to RaceID Super Admin. Go to admin.raceid.com and follow the steps. Feel free to create an account and look around, even if you are not ready to join us just yet. 

2. Add Your first race to RaceID Admin and send it for approval

Start creating your race! It is easy and can be done in 5 minutes. As mentioned above, you do not need to attend an onboarding meeting if you don’t want to.

For specific questions and help, we have video and text guides for almost every feature in the system right here and on our Youtube Channel.

When you are happy with your race, click on the button “Send for Approval”. We will receive the request and approve your race or get back to you with adjustments if needed.

3. Provide us with your banking details for payouts

It is important that you fill out your organization or company details and give us your chosen bank account so that we can transfer the earnings from your registration fees to you. You will get clear instructions on how to do this once you have created an account and we approve your race. In this step, you will also have to select the package you would like. 

4. When your race is approved, open registrations with the click of a button

When we approve your race, you are almost ready. Open your registrations by publishing and then click the grey ‘Registration’ toggle in admin so it turns yellow. You have now officially launched your race, and participants on the platform can discover it and register!

Your Race & RaceID Until Race Day

1. Watch your registrations come in and manage them in the Admin Dashboard

Now, it is not much for you to do (at least when it comes to registration and payments) until race day. Sit back and enjoy your start-list growing, as the RaceID system takes care of everything automatically.

You can view and edit any registration data in the RaceID Super Admin Dashboard.

You can send messages and push notifications to your racers if you need to provide additional information and connect RaceID with your favorite apps and tools via Zapier.

2. Get paid by RaceID monthly

Once we have your chosen bank account details, we will pay out your earnings in batches each month. It works like this: RaceID handles the payment from each participant’s registration plus any extras you sell in the checkout via our payment partner (Stripe, an internationally recognized provider). We save all your registration fee money on a safe and separate bank account. When it is time for payout, we reconcile your data and summarize your earnings for the specific period. We then take off our commission and send you a direct bank transfer. We also provide you with a thorough reconciliation sheet you can keep for your records and bookkeeping.

3. Prepare for timing

As it gets close to race day, it is time to prepare the data transfer to your timing company or to practice using the RaceID Timing app.

For races using Chip Timing: if you chose to work with one of our partner providers, we help with the communication and make sure all the start list and participant data are transferred correctly. We always have a clear and open dialogue between you, us and the timing company. If you are using a local timer, you can either connect to their system via our open API or you can simply export the data in an excel list, and send it to your timer.

For races using the RaceID Timing App: a few weeks before the race, you will be sent a training kit with all the instructions needed for operating the timing app. We highly recommend that you test it and all the assistants involved, especially if it is the first time you are using the app.

4. Race Day – make the best of it 🙂

5. After the race: see results in the App and online

If you are using the RaceID Timing app, you and your spectators can enjoy live results online and in the RaceID app. Complete result lists are also available after the race is finished. You can also manually upload results if you haven’t integrated your timing provider with us.

6. Set up your race for next year, and open registrations! 


Even before your race day you can duplicate the event, change the date and open the registrations for next year! Get participants signed up on their high directly after the finish line!

What are you waiting for? Get started now!