Race Spectate

Follow friends on Raceday and be there to cheer them on!

Currently available on iOS and Apple Watch

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Spectate Features

Spectate is a feature in the RaceID App for iOS that allows you to see your friend’s progress in a race.

Perfect for finding out when they’ve reached the finish line, or for cheering them on at different points in the track. 🏁 👏 

🏁 Race Day Tab

On Race Day, your participants with iPhones will see a new Race Day tab, which shows them their own races where they can share their position or spectate.

Friends can follow you by pressing on “Following” in their RaceID profile in the app. Once you have accepted them, they will also see the Race Day tab in their app where they can spectate all friends, as well as other participants who are sharing their position with everyone.

📍 Keep Track of your Progress

When sharing your position, you can choose to make your position visible to your friends, everyone, or nobody.

From this screen you can see your elevation and progress. You also see your live location – useful if you can’t find the track.

If you’re running with just your Apple Watch, you can broadcast your location from the companion RaceID app!

👏 Cheer Them On

As a spectator, you can choose which friends or public racers you want to spectate.

Find where your friends are on the track and cheer them on!

🙈 Privacy in Mind

To stop people knowing your exact location, your avatar is only shown on the closest sections of the track. 

iPhone users will see that their location is being used and can easily switch off the spectating from the app.

Get the RaceID App and start Spectating

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Are you an Organizer?

Set up your GPX map in the Admin to let your participants spectate.