About EcoTrail

Ecotrail is a trail running race taking place in the northern part of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Participants can choose between various distances; 700 m for the youngest and up to 80 km for the bravest Ultrarunners. The course trails through the best parts of Stockholm’s green nature and parks, inviting you to experience everything from the archipelago and technical single-track trails to the countryside, city, and sights of famous tourist attractions. 

RaceID and EcoTrail

RaceID and Ecotrail Stockholm have been partners for several years, and we have enjoyed helping the race administration improve their administrative work and helping them get more participants. 

Growth & New Participants 

After comparing the registration data from the year before Ecotrail started working with RaceID to the year we began our collaboration, we observed a significant impact:

  • 79 % increase in participants compared to the previous year
  • 750 additional racers that signed up
  • International expansion, with participants from 35 different countries

Undoubtedly, Ecotrail’s marketing efforts played a role in this growth. However, the availability of their race for registration on the web and app through the RaceID Community, which enabled them to reach and recruit more new participants, also significantly contributed to this outcome. 

Speaking to Robin, Ecotrail Race Director, he states:

“We are very satisfied with RaceID – the registration for our runners is quick and smooth, the support is great for both us and our participants, and we save time with the automatic payments and efficient administration. We work closely with the RaceID team and appreciate the continuous development and new features that keep improving the solution.”

To learn more about Ecotrail, please visit their website, or go to their RaceID Registration page.