Race Spotlight: 5 Events That Create Amazing Experiences

Cyclist from Xtri Triathlon

Even if you are a race organizer and put your focus on creating events for others, you’ve probably participated in a few races yourself (at least back in the day!). Usually, when you think of those great races that you’ve experienced, it’ll be a multiplicity of factors that made them stick in your memory. From the buzz of mass participation or beautifully epic challenges to legendary after-parties, there are many reasons why a race might be unique to you.

While there are certainly many many events that create amazing experiences, the RaceId team have chosen a few through fika break chats here that we think truly stick out. We break them down below into what makes them such amazing experiences.

Read on and get inspired for how you can create a truly legendary race yourself! 

Norseman XTri, Norway

“This is not for you”. That’s the tagline of the famous Extreme Triathlon that takes place in some of Norway’s toughest and most beautiful landscapes. Apart from being ridiculously tough and challenging, the race has a limit of 290 participants. A ballot system picks the lucky few from thousands of entries – and the Live Stream of the pick is a major event just in and of itself! On top of all of this, Norseman are leading the way in working closely in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. An inspirational race for all – both participants and organizers around the world!

What makes it so epic?

  • The extreme nature of the challenge
  • The outstanding natural beauty of the course
  • The jump from the starting boat into the cold waters below
  • The mountain-top finish
  • The limited number of participants – highly sought after places and high drop-out rate

Transvulcania Ultramarathon, Spain

The Transvulcania UltraSkymarathon is a Skyrace that traverses the island of La Palma in the Spanish Canaries. It’s the most western of the islands in the archipelago, and is often referred to by the locals as the “Isla Bonita”, The Beautiful Island. This natural beauty is unmissable by the races’ participants. There’s a special start at the famous lighthouse on the very southernmost point an hour before sunrise, as everyone switches on their head torches and rushes out onto the black volcanic trail. Then as the sun rises, the trees and the mist part, and the view reveals itself. Racers then continue to struggle over the 4000m of elevation and descents, through the twisting trails and the rocky river beds to the finish line. All the island’s villagers come out to cheer on the participants – and enjoy the electric atmosphere late into the night after the race and all around race weekend. 

What makes it so epic?

  • The extreme toughness, technicality and elevation profile of the course’s volcanic trail
  • The start in the dark – sunrise over the mountains
  • The remote and unique nature
  • The local support and spectators
  • The after-race party

New York Marathon, United States

To be honest, we could have picked any big city marathon here. But New York – it’s the biggest in the world – so it gets the spot in this list. The event attracts a lot of attention, both locally and globally – which draws in participants and spectators (not to mention the big sponsors). Running along the cheering streets for hours is enough to make anyone feel special! Added to which, New York is such a classic destination anyway which makes a sports-tourist out of all participants!

What makes it so epic?

  • The mass participation – around 50,000  runners experience the same challenge together
  • New York is one of the most modern and popular bucket list destinations on earth.
  • 2 million(!) cheering supporters along the way create a special atmosphere
  • The feeling of being part of a history every year

Koster Swimrun, Sweden

Koster Swimrun is a unique competition in a unique place. The Koster Archipelago is one of Sweden’s only marine national parks and only a very few people have the opportunity to move as freely in this environment as the swimrunners have. It’s this combination of a great swimrun experience with a great party. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, not sharp elbows and sour faces.

What makes it so epic?

  • The unique and special natural environment
  • The casual atmosphere of the race. Everyone is there for a good time.
  • The home made fish soup at the finish line is legendary – and delicious!
  • The epic post-race party

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race, United Kingdom

Sail between the islands on Scotland’s rugged west coast. And run up the highest mountains on each island. Simple! This unique race sees teams of 5 that are made up of sailors and runners compete over a long weekend in the adventure through rugged and beautiful Scottish landscapes.

What makes it so epic?

  • The unusual format of the race – with both sailing and running
  • The A-B course through stunning nature, visiting all the subtly different islands on Scotland’s West Coast (make sure you pray for good weather).
  • The casual yet competitive vibe. Much relies on the weather conditions and the type of boat you have (multiple categories allowed).
  • The additional challenge of running multiple times and trying to rest and eat on a sail-boat in between.

Inspired by some of these races? Then it’s time to craft your own! Get started today with RaceID – we’ll support you every step of the way. 

Cover image courtesy to: Xtri.