A common reason for participants to sign up for races is to get motivation to train. About one third of participants said their main driver for signing up is to get a consistency in their training and get motivation to exercise (from RaceID participant survey).

With Racefox’ smart technology you can give your participants a way to train better for your race. In a partnership with RaceID, Racefox is available as an option in the checkout when participants register for a race. Tick a box, and you'll have it in yours!


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Increase your revenue

For each Racefox subscription that is bought through your race registration, you’ll get a €10 kickback!

For each Racefox subscription that is bought through your race registration, you’ll get a €10 kickback!

How does Racefox work?

By tracking your movement and effort in real time the coach helps you go further and faster while keeping you injury free. Racefox maximizes your effort and recovery and adapt your training to take you to your full potential as fast as possible.

Racefox works for running and cross-country skiing. 

To use Racefox, you put on a heart rate band that also contains an accelerator, you download the Racefox app on your phone, and connect the band through bluetooth. Put on your headphones and just start running or choose a pre-defined training session. Racefox will guide you through your run (or ski) by telling you what pace to stay at, correcting your technique, giving you drills and exercises and tips to improve your running or skiing technique. You can also make training plans for specific goals, where the Racefox coach puts together a personalized plan according to your current fitness level and aspirations.


What is in it for me as a race organizer?

1. You will increase your race revenue with the click of a button – nothing else is required on your behalf, the option just shows up in the registration flow after your form and custom fields.

2. You will offer your participants a better way to train, giving them a chance to show up in their best shape and ready on race day – excited and injury-free.

3. You help create a unique race journey and experience for your participants by adding the possibility of training with a plan and a “coach”, at an affordable price.

How do I activate Racefox in my RaceID registration?

In your distance set up, navigate to the “Additional” step and toggle on the option named “Racefox option”. Then, go to the tab “Racefox” that appeared in the list, and make sure the tick box “Include Racefox to the distance registration” is ticked. It’s that simple! 

To get all the details about Racefox, check the official website: racefox.com.

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