Introducing the RaceID Backyard lap tracker

Backyard Ultra races pose unique timing challenges. With participants running loops around a course until only one runner remains, keeping track of who’s still in the race, which lap is currently being run, and the time until the next loop starts can be a daunting task. To meet the specific needs of Backyard Ultra competitions, RaceID has introduced a lap tracker and timing feature as part of their timing app.

You can easily keep track of participants who are still running and those who have finished the race. The tracker warns when there are three, two, and one minute left until the next lap starts.

The Backyard lap tracker offers a range of features to enable a seamless Backyard experience. We take care of the administration, so you can focus on what really matters: The race experience. The Backyard lap tracker automatically syncs with RaceID’s start lists, ensuring that you always have the latest participant information. Furthermore, the tracker syncs with the results list, which is visible to participants on the RaceID web and app. This feature helps to keep everything in one system, from registration to results.

To summarize some of the Backyard lap tracker features:
  • Keep track of the participants who are still in the race
  • Keep track of the participants who have finished the race
  • Warns when there 3, 2, and 1 minute left to lap start
  • Automatically syncs to RaceID start lists
  • Automatically syncs to results list visible to participants on RaceID web and app
  • Keep everything in one system: registration to results

The Backyard lap tracker is currently in development. If you want to be one of the first to use it and get continuous info, sign up to the waitlist below!