The RaceID Timing App allows you to take the RaceID Event Management platform one step further by using our iOS app to handle timing and results on race day. The only thing you need is your iPhone or iPad – after logging in, you can access your entire start list and manage timing and results. 


RaceID Timing is a digitized version of manual timekeeping. You click on participants as they pass a split time or the finish line, and the system automatically updates live results in the RaceID Participant app and website for spectators to follow. It is perfect for races with less than 300 participants. 


Benefits of using RaceID Timing: 


  • Manage a professional race with just your phone 
  • Save money on timing equipment 
  • Keep everything in one system: registration to results


Is the Timing App right for your race? Find out here!


Your timing powerhouse is seamlessly connected to the RaceID ecosystem. You don’t have to bother with any excel transfers or data-mismatch troubles.


Bad reception somewhere in the distant mountains of the Pyrinees? Don’t worry, the data is saved locally on your device and will upload when you hit a safe 3G/4G or wifi connection.


Spectators can follow, split time by split time, as live results update instantly on your RaceID page and the RaceID App.


Set DNS before you start.
Edit times during the race.
Switch times on racers if you messed up.


Create an organizer account to check out the system
and test RaceID Timing for your race free of charge.