What Is The Best Event Insurance to Buy for Your Race?

Swimrunners supporting each other at the finish line

The cost of event insurance for outdoor sporting events like marathons, triathlons and open-water swims can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of the event, the location, number of participants, and the type of coverage needed. 

If you need more information about factors to consider when buying event insurance – see this article.

Generally, depending on these factors, event insurance can cost anywhere from a few hundred euros or dollars to several thousand. To find the best for you, it’s important to get quotes from multiple insurance providers – comparing pricing and coverage of each before making a decision.

Always keep in mind that event insurance is a valuable investment providing protection to event organizers and participants from unmitigatable risks and liabilities. While the cost of insurance may seem high, it can be well worth it in the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance. Furthermore, it is hard to put a price on the peace of mind it will give you. Always balance up the costs. If something happens and you don’t have insurance – how much will you have to pay out yourself?

Below we list the best race event insurances in both Europe and the US. Most likely, you will also have local options that you might want to look into as well. 

Top 10 European Race Insurance Providers (2023)

  1. Hiscox (https://www.hiscox.co.uk/event-insurance)
  2. QBE Insurance Group (https://qbeeurope.com/products/)
  3. Allianz (https://www.agcs.allianz.com/solutions/entertainment-insurance.html)
  4. Aon (https://www.aondigital.com/en-gb/)
  5. Zurich Insurance Group (https://www.zurich.ch/en/corporate-customers/liability-legal/commercial-liability-insurance/events)
  6. AXA XL(https://axaxl.com/insurance/industries/entertainment-and-leisure)
  7. Chubb (https://www.chubb.com/vn-en/business/event-insurance.html)
  8. Markel International (https://www.markeluk.com/business-insurance/event-organiser-insurance)
  9. Events Insurance (https://www.events-insurance.co.uk/event-insurance-policies/sporting-insurance/overview)
  10. RSA (https://www.rsainsurance.co.uk/commercial-insurance/products/)

The list above is compiled by looking at factors such as market share, customer satisfaction, financial stability, and overall reputation in the industry as well as various industry reports and rankings on the event/race insurance market.


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Top 10 US Race Insurance Providers (2023)

  1. K&K Insurance Group (https://www.kandkinsurance.com/Pages/Home.aspx)
  2. Markel Specialty (https://www.markelinsurance.com/event)
  3. Philadelphia Insurance Companies (https://www.phly.com/products/event-liability-insurance)
  4. Nationwide (https://www.nationwide.com/business/insurance/industries/)
  5. Hiscox (https://www.hiscox.com/small-business-insurance/professional-business-insurance/marketing-insurance/event-planner-insurance)
  6. Beazley (https://www.beazley.com/en-us/products)
  7. AIG (https://www.aig.com/business/insurance/professional-liability)
  8. Tokio Marine HCC (https://www.tmhcc.com/en/products/special-event-liability)
  9. Chubb (https://www.chubb.com/vn-en/business/event-insurance.html)
  10. The Hartford (https://www.thehartford.com/business-insurance/media-arts-entertainment)

Again, the list above is compiled by looking at the same factors such as customer satisfaction, financial stability, market share and overall reputation in the industry as well as various industry reports and rankings on the event/race insurance market.


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Remember This When Choosing Your Race Insurance

It’s important to note that these lists are not exhaustive – just a selection based on broad performance factors named above. There are many other event/race insurance providers in both the USA and Europe that might provide better insurance suited to your specific event. Additionally, rankings like this can change over time based on market trends and company performance. As always, it’s important to do your own research and compare coverage and pricing that best fits your own needs before choosing an insurance provider.

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