Registration & Event Management System

6% of your registration fee No payment upfront, only deduction from the registration fees.
  • Own Race landing page on web and app
  • Visibility in the RaceID Calendar
  • RaceID Admin Access
  • Complete registration tool with payment processing
  • Technical support for participants
  • Help Articles & FAQ
  • Works with a number of timing solutions

RaceID Timing

€200 per year for the RaceID timing app

Excluding VAT. RaceID works with our timing app or your preferred RFID/Chip timing provider.

The RaceID Timing app is an affordable, reliable and easy alternative to chip timing. 

Calendar Races


Did you know it’s completely free to add your event in our race calendar?
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Free Races


If your event doesn’t cost anything for participants, you can use our registration tool and EMS completely free.