1. Add-ons in checkout
  2. App for Participants
  3. Automatic Start Lists
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Communication: Email Participants
  6. Connect Apps & Tools
  7. Coupon Codes
  8. Languages & Currencies
  9. Marketing
  10. Race Landing Page
  11. RaceID Super Admin
  12. Refundable Booking
  13. Registration
  14. Secure Payments
  15. Support for Participants
  16. Timekeeping
Add-ons in checkout
Sell “Extras” when your racers sign up
  • Add and sell race clothing, merchandise, food packages and more as custom questions directly in the registration form.
  • Set VAT and prices.
  • Add images of merchandise and estras
App for Participants
Inspiring people to live an active lifestyle
  • Participants reach everything about races in one app
  • Stay informed about the latest updates from race organizers
  • Your racers collect and control their personal information in their profile
  • Auto-fill sign-up to races 
  • They can favourite races they like and save in their profile 
  • My Results tab: they see all their results in one place
  • Personalized content: inspiration for each person’s sports of interest
  • Race Calendar Search to find the next challenge: your event is easily found by participants with a few clicks
Automatic Start Lists
Automatic Start Lists
  • See your start list grow as racers sign up
  • User-friendly and stylish design
  • Hide / show start list tab
  • Start list with racer name, photo and club
  • Filter on distance, class, gender 
  • Powerful admin controls with column search and double-click edit

You receive full and detailed documentation of transactions for your accounting in conjunction with each payment we send you. 

Communication: Email Participants
Make sure your racers stay up to date
  • Send messages & push notifications to your racers from the RaceID Event/Timekeeping App. 

Connect Apps & Tools

RaceID is integrated with Zapier. Connect a zap, and you can automatically transfer your participant data from RaceID to your email marketing tool, slack or other apps you use. Get tips on how you can automate participant communication with this setup.

Coupon Codes
Give discounts, free spots and more with the powerful discount code feature.
  • Set discounts per set amount of percentage 
  • Set validity interval
  • Apply to registration and/or extras
Languages & Currencies
Ready for you to take over the world

Your racers can sign up in their choice of language and you can choose which languages to display your race page in. Charge your registration fee in your preferred currency.

Reach the world's participants on RaceID

We help you reach a community of athletes, actively looking for new challenges.

Race Landing Page
Show off your event
  • Customizable Race Page visible in the race calendar
  • Add text, links and images to promote your race
  • Create valuable traffic to your own website
  • Link to your race page for registration, or directly to the registration form of each distance in your race
RaceID Super Admin
Save time with RaceID’s easy event administration backoffice
  • Full control of your registration flow 
  • See an overview of registrations per distance
  • Access and export all your participant data 
  • Set dates for registration opening times or turn on/off manually
  • Update your race page and race information
Refundable Booking
Peace of mind for participants

Turn on the option for participants to add “Refundable Booking” – a way to safeguard their racing spot and secure the purchase earlier. 

Collect all the data you need, and make it easy for your participants to provide it.
  • Build your own questions with the input option you need; drop/down lists, radio buttons, text fields or date fields
  • Once they registered the first time, your racers enjoy auto fill from their profile and can sign up to your next race in 2 seconds 
  • Set automatic pricing intervals – lower price the earlier you sign up 
  • Create your choice of Classes (based on age groups, gender etc.)
  • Individual Sign up
  • Team sign up with min or max members in team
  • Relays with customizable relay leg names
  • Relays within an individual distance: let racers join into a team – perfect for companies and clubs
Secure Payments
  • Your participants pay when they register 
  • Payment with all international credit and debit cards
  • We collect the money for you, and pay it out in your choice of interval (weekly, monthly or after the race)
  • Event Security: refund your racers or let them postpone to next year if you have to cancel
Support for Participants
Spend less time replying to emails
  • Save time on registration questions – we take care of your racers 
  • Email support
  • Live chat at the moment of purchase
Flexible Timing Options
  • Connect RaceID with your choice of local chip timing provider
  • Use our timing App


RaceID Timing App – affordable timing

  • For up to 300 racers at a time
  • Download in the App store and log in
  • Start the race (mass start, one by one or start groups)
  • Click on each racers as they pass the finish line
  • Log split times
  • Timing assistant log-ins
  • Secure-proof functions (unknown racers, switch times, several people can manage the same race)
  • Live results online and in the app
  • Professional result lists


Click on the headings for more details.
  • Add-ons in checkout
  • App for Participants
  • Automatic Start Lists
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communication: Email Participants
  • Connect Apps & Tools
  • Coupon Codes
  • Languages & Currencies
  • Marketing
  • Race Landing Page
  • RaceID Super Admin
  • Refundable Booking
  • Registration
  • Secure Payments
  • Support for Participants

    All races, from small and local to the world’s largest series, are welcome in the RaceID Community. Choose what’s right for your type of event.

    You can create a free account at any time to test out the system. You select your package at a later stage.
    RACEID CALENDAR Race Calendar Listing

    Add your race to the RaceID Calendar and get visibility to all the participants on the platform!

    Increase your visibility
    • Listing in the RaceID Calendar
    • Own landing page on web
    • Visibility in the RaceID App
    • Add your own image, text and links
    • Strengthen your SEO & visibility on Google
    STANDARD Registration & EMS

    For all-size races that need to collect a registration fee. Works with the RaceID timing app or your local or preferred rfid/chip timing provider.

    Unlimited participants
    • Own landing page on web and app
    • Visibility in the RaceID Calendar
    • RaceID Super Admin Access
    • Stacked registration tool (payment processing)
    • Technical support for participants
    • Knowledge Base support
    PLUS More Support
    €0.5 + 5% + €95 /year

    For races that want personal support.

    unlimited participants
    • Own landing page on web and app
    • Visibility in the RaceID Calendar
    • RaceID Super Admin Access
    • Stacked registration tool (payment processing)
    • Technical support for participants
    • Knowledge Base
    • Customer portal support
    • Onboarding meeting
    • Support Contact
    PREMIUM Large races

    Custom and flexible solutions for larger races and/or cups (at least 5000 racers), with opportunities to add on marketing packages to reach more participants.

    Unlimited participants
    • Own landing page on web and app
    • Visibility in the RaceID Calendar
    • RaceID Super Admin Access
    • Stacked registration tool (payment processing)
    • Technical support for participants
    • Premium & personal support
    • Custom development options


    You can use the RaceID Timing App with any package. The price is €0.5 per participant.

    Reimbursements of registration fee to participants: €1 per transaction.

    How to get started

    1. Choose a package above and click "Get Started". You'll be directed to a page where you set up an organizer account.

    2. Watch the intro video or get started right away with your event set-up.

    3. Send your race for approval.

    4. Your race will get approved within 1 business day, after that, open registration!