Best GPS Tracking Services for Races

GPS Tracking – the ability for you and your spectators, to follow the contestants around the track – is getting increasingly popular among races. There are various systems on the market, and investing in this feature can add significant oomph to your event. As endurance races often are tricky to follow, and spectators need to venture out in the forest just to get a quick glimpse of their favorite athletes aside from the finish line, GPS tracking is often welcome. It also helps generate online interest in your race, since anyone from across the globe can watch and follow the suspense as your racers compete head-to-head. 

If you are unsure of the benefits of GPS Tracking, check out this article about why you should consider it for your event. If you’ve already decided that this feature is for you, let’s get into finding your best provider. Below is a list of available GPS Tracking companies ordered alphabetically. 



Screenshot from Chronotrack Website

ChronoTrack is primarily a timing provider, with long-time experience in RFID Chip timing services and hardware. They also offer a Map Tracking service integrated into their system. You can follow selected racers on a map of the race. 

Follow My Challenge GPS 


Screenshot from Follow My Challenge Website

This company offers both the software system to track racers during an event on a live map and various types of GPS devices for the racers to carry with them that can be set to send data at different time intervals. 

RaceDay.Me GPS


Screenshot from Website

RaceDay GPS is designed specifically for individualized following – you can share your link with anyone and they can follow you in any race as long as you have the app running on your smartphone. A disadvantage is that the GPS tracking is bound to a smartphone – so in other words, not ideal for wet races! 

RaceID Spectate 


RaceID (yes, that is us!) pioneers with a new way for participants and spectators to follow individuals in a race. This is mainly a feature for friends, family & spectators – so not really for organizers to follow all racers at once and keep track of the race as you can follow up to 10 racers at a time. Racers need to carry either a smart phone or a smart watch for this to work. 

RaceJoy by RunSignUp


Screenshot from RunSignUp Website

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy offers GPS tracking for organizers, interactive course maps, and other race management features. It integrates well with RunSignUp’s registration and management platform. RaceJoy allows participants to track their progress, and receive cheers from supporters,  and allows spectators to track runners in real-time. It offers a variety of features like live tracking and progress alerts.



Screenshot from RaceMap Website

RaceMap is a GPS tracking and event management platform that offers real-time tracking for participants, live leaderboards, and interactive course maps. They offer map tracking as well as live timing and leaderboards. They offer tracking technology via both app as well as various types of GPS trackers that your runners can carry with them. 



Screenshot from RaceONE Website

RaceONE provides live tracking and race management services for running and cycling events. It can be customized to fit the needs of your specific race and is based on the GPS inside participants’ smartphones (hence, they need to be carried during the race). RaceONE also offers a race admin system with registration as well as the option to run virtual races. 



Screenshot from RaceRunner Website

RaceRunner is a GPS tracking App that provides live tracking for spectators of runners in races. It is an app built by a runner, and it allows you to start and stop timing for racers in a race as well. 



Screenshot from RaceTracker Website

RaceTracker is a race management platform that offers GPS tracking and other race-related services. It provides real-time tracking, live results, and event management features. A highlight is their lightweight GPS trackers for the runners, so you can use this GPS tracking system without having participants carry their smartphones with them.


Screenshot from RTRT Website

Through their Real-Time Remote Racing® technology, this company uses the built-in GPS on participant smartphones to track remotely during a race. Participants must carry their smartphones with them. RTRT also offers other timing services that integrate with this system. 

Track The Race


Screenshot from TrackTheRace Website

Track The Race offers live GPS tracking through geolocation and GPS devices carried by participants. Spectators can follow, and as with all GPS-tracking services it offers added security for you as an organizer since you can control the locations of your racers. 

Webscorer GPS Tracking


Screenshot from Webscorer Website

Webscorer is a popular app for race timing, and it offers GPS tracking as well. It is App-based, so runners must carry their smartphone with them during the race. This Webscorer feature can also be used for self-timing races (for example, in a virtual race). 

We hope this list of providers was helpful! Our main wish is for you to find the provider that is best for your race, but of course, we are more than happy to invite you to try RaceID Spectate right now!

Missing your GPS Tracking service or company in this list? Let’s add you! Email and we will get back to you asap.